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We take your business to a new level of success. We utilize our over 8 years experience to give your business a brand that will stimulate an increase in customer activity.



Web Solution Extra has been crafting brands, including graphics design, print work, web design and web applications. We have talented designers who will give you better design experience.



Our Passion leads us to design websites and business brands creatively. Our creatively designed websites leads our customers to greater business performance and eventually greater success.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Some Completed Web Designs

Construction Website Designers

Samaeliemma Heavy Equipment.

Website Design, Photo Gallery, Image Slider, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, Photoshopping   … http://www.samaeliemma

Study abroad website designer

Rhemalisa International Education

Website Design, SEO, Reservation Form, Contact Form, Photo Gallery, Web Content Writing …

Obcleta Enterprise

Obcleta Enterprises, Calabar.

Website Design, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, Graphics Design,    …

hotel website design

Marian Hotels Calabar

Website Design, SEO, Reservation Form, Contact Form, Google Map, Photo Gallery, Photography …

School Website Design

Lightway Schools, Calabar.

Website Design, News & Events, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, Photography   …

manhatan security company

Manhatan Security Limited, Calabar

Website Design, SEO, Reservation Form, Contact Form, Google Map, Photography …

web design

Habibi Diapers

Website Development, Contact and Distributor Forms, Web Content Writing,   …

Church web design

God’s Heritage Centre, Calabar.

Website Design, Graphics Design, Contact and Prayer Request Forms, Online Payment, …

web design company

First Komakdi Ltd.

Website Development, Content Management System, Blogging Platform, Contact Form, Web Content Writing,   …

website design for gersh henshaw and co.

Gersh Henshaw & Co.

Website Design, SEO, Property listing, Contact Form, Google Map, …

website designer in Nigeria

Best Microfinance Bank

Website Development, Contact Form, Web Content Writing,   …

web design

Ajadoks Resources.

Website Design, Content Management System, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, Gallery …

NGO website design

Association of Grassroot Counsellors on Health & Dev.

Website Design, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, donate button, one page  …

Website Design for Hotels

Vynedresa Hotels, Abuja.

Website Design, Hotel Management System, Contact Form, Web Content Writing …

Professional Web Designer Nigeria

Petrominex Nigeria Limited

Website Design, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, Products Display  …

web developer

Rainy Electronics Limted

Website Design, Contact Form, Web Content Writing, Products Display …

Web Designer Nigeria

KT Offshores Limited

Website Design, Contact Form, Content Management, HTML, CSS  …

website design nigeria

Ocean Fleet Procurement Services.

Website Design, Contact Form, Custom WordPress theme Development, Content Management …

website design nigeria

Paradise Post

Newspaper Website Design, Content Management System, Blog Post, Post Gallery,  Custom WordPress Theme Development, Archival System …

professional website designers

Osten Laboratory.

Website Design, Google Map, Contact Form, Custom WordPress theme Development, Content Management, Ecommerce …

website designer

Francess Fazzi

Website Design, blog, Contact Form, Content Management, Website Monitisation,  …

web design nigeria

Giant Consortium.

Website Design, Contact Form, 3-in-1 Web Design, Web Content Writing, product Display …

web design nigeria


Web Design, Contact Form, Products Display, Brochure Design, Documents Download,  …

web design nigeria

Iwok Nigeria Limited.

Website Design, Content Management System, Web Content Writing, product Display, Contact Form …

Corporate web design company

Ekstra Resources Limited

Front Page, Website Design, Contact Form, products Display, Web Content Writing …

website designer

EOE-Bevy Forum.

Web Development, Membership System, Post & Comment System, Likes Button, Portal Configuration …

Web Design Company in Nigeria

Cross River Properties

Website Design, Prayer Request Form, Contact Form, Blog, Photo Gallery …

website designer

Earn Living Forum

Web Design, Login System, Discussion Boards, Post & Comment Likes, …

Website designer in Calabar

Cross River Properties

Website Design, Contact Form, Google maps, Property Listing, Content Management, Agents Management …

Church Wb Designer

Church Of God, Seventh Day, Calabar.

Website Design, Prayer Request Form, Contact Form, Blog, Photo Gallery …

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Our powerful ecommerce websites design can fully automate the process of purchases and stock management. Our ecommerce web designs are graphically appealing and compelling. We host on secure servers.

Social Media

Social Media

Our Team of Social Media experts devise skillful means to grow your products or services outreach on social media. We can grow your social media following and make you more business profits.



We are a professional web development company that writes clean and functional programming codes that can turn even the most ambitious goal into a simple reality.



Web Copywriting is one skill we pride ourselves with. We write website contents that are Search Engine Optimised and Gets you to the first page of Google. Guaranteed!

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Fast Delivery

We build and delivery websites within the specified time frame and we work on an agreed timeline. Our work is fast, reliable and appreciable.

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